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Welcome to the lucrative option to entice the taste buds of millions in a healthy way. We have excellent reputation in serving delicious and yummy variations of South Indian Cuisine. Our aim is to provide a soul stirring moment at Sarasas Restaurant. Sarasas Restaurant with its prime location in the centre of Uxbridge Road, with numerous dishes of great cuisine is a best choice for good vegetarian/non vegetarian food and ambience.

Sarasas Restaurant is about experiencing a feast, a celebration along with family and friends in a cosy modern setting. A place where authentic Indian pure vegetarian cuisine and dishes from north and south of Indian are prepared using high quality fresh ingredients. “Our team is passionate, professional and undertake everything they do with energy and enthusiasm”

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Sarasas dedicated to excellence!

Sarasas dedicated to excellence Indian, more particularly, South Indian culinary brings its quintessence from the desi spices. Aromas of these desi spices are enthralling everyone from time unknown. We also specialized in treating you with North Indian Indochinese and Srilankan varieties.

The Sarasas, synonymous to the Indian culinary delights, warmly welcomes you here! We at Sarasas select only the finest ingredients, the freshest of products and utilise the services of expert chefs to ensure that only the best is served at your table. We believe in giving a nature touch to our recipes. We call this as “Midas touch version of Sarasas”.